Intensive: Science and popular fiction

Colin Clive & Dwight Frye in "Frankenstein", 1931

Runs January each year.

Films, television shows, novels, computer games and other forms of fiction can be a great way to communicate science, engage audiences with science and even to teach science creatively in the classroom. But how can we do this without mixing up fact and fiction?

This short course explores current research into the place of fiction in science communication and science education. Packed full of hands-on activities, it will give you new, evidence-based ideas for using fiction effectively in your professional practice. You'll also enhance your evaluation skills by learning how to gauge audience response to fiction using focus group methods.

Note: If you are an ANU student wanting to take this course for credit, please see  here for postgraduates and here for undergraduates.

The short course, without assessment and not for ANU credit, is run concurrently and registered via Eventbrite. 

This course is taught both online and in person.

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