Intensive: Engaging for Policy Impact

Cvitanovic & Hobday (2018). doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-05977-w

Scientists around the world consistently list achieving tangible impacts on policy and practice as a core career goal - yet few have the knowledge or skillset needed for turning this into a reality. Traditional scientific training programs rarely teach the skill set and competencies required to operate effectively at the interface of science and policy.

This course provides participants with the theory and the practical knowledge, skills and tools that are needed to operate more effectively at the science-policy interface.

Drawing on current research from the fields of knowledge exchange and research impact, and including guest lecturers from the realms of policy and practice, participants gain a firsthand account of the practical ways in which they can bridge the gap between science and policy.

This advanced level course requires students to have existing and well-developed knowledge of the fundamentals of science communication theory and practice in order to successfully participate. Participants are required to have relevant postgraduate coursework (this might include an honours degree or the minimum of two postgraduate courses in a cognate field) or 5+ years of experience in a science communication and/or policy related role in order to enrol. Please contact course convenor, Dr Chris Cvitanovic, to confirm your eligibility before applying.

This course will be taught online only.