Master of Science Communication

What's The Best Way to Teach Science?

The Master of Science Communication is a coursework program with a capstone research project. Taught by some of Australia's leading science communicators, the program combines theoretical and practical aspects of science communication.

The standard Master of Science Communication is offered as a two year (four semester) degree if taken full time. Applicants with a prior qualification in a relevant area, including in the sciences, may be eligible for up to two semesters of credit, making it effectively a one year degree. Many courses in the program are available via online and intensive delivery, as well as standard in classroom options.

Career opportunities

The Master of Science Communication is the ideal degree for people interested in becoming professional science communicators or communication managers.

Many graduates have found careers as communication officers for scientific organisations such as the CSIRO, government departments, universities, businesses, NGOs, or in the media. Some have set up science media businesses or consultancy firms. Others work in centres for informal science learning across the world, such as science centres and museums.

The master's research project provides an opportunity to produce assessment tailored to the needs of particular organisations or employment sectors, and most coursework assessment can also be tailored to students' interests, areas of expertise, and career ambitions.