Science communication theory and practice

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As one of the oldest science communication academic departments in the world, CPAS has a deep and abiding interest in both the theory and practice of science communication, and in linkages and contradictions between the two. All research projects conducted in the department have elements of both or either, but projects in this research theme are those that, at their core, scrutinise or test specific elements of science communication theory and its relationship to practice, or that provide baseline surveys of science communication practice in particular places or times.

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Image by Mollybob, via Flickr Commons


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Visiting staff

Project Status
A qualitative enquiry into practitioners' reflection on science communication in Japan Completed
Can hype be a force for good? Completed
Designing information for people to use - designers need to be problem solvers Completed
Dialogue and science communication Completed
Environmental community groups and the concept of public participation in ocean and coastal management Completed
Exploring the implication of science communication practices on a model for teacher professional development: Serving up the Pierian Waters Completed
Heroes of Science - public images, inspirations and impacts Completed
Impacts of citizen science on volunteers Completed
Models of expertise in the South African HIV/AIDS crisis Completed
Public involvement in decision-making about science and technology Completed
Reported attitudes to the use of animals in science: artefacts of surveys? Completed
Reshaping the arena: Engagement as a threshold concept for science education and science communication Completed
Responsible research and innovation: a new generation of responsible researchers in Plant sciences Potential
Rethinking science communication models in practice Completed
Rhetoric in Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth Completed
Science communication in the wet tropics Completed
Science shows and theatre Completed
Scientific Crackpots : A Side Effect of Science Communication? Completed
Scientists and public debates Completed
Scientists Taking Astronomy to Regional Schools – Impact and Outcomes Potential
Scientists’ communication with the general public – an Australian survey Completed
Stories of Scientists: Can they be used to engage the public? Completed
Survey of science communication in developing Pacific Island nations Completed
The design of pictorial assembly instructions: researching and communicating knowledge in human-technology interaction design practice Completed
The real deficit of dialogue: Scientists do not listen to the public Completed
Using participatory action research to develop science communication material for a community group Completed
What would a 'scientifically engaged Australia' look like? Completed
Why do citizens donate to citizen science projects? Motivations of the SkyNet volunteers Completed