Food and agricultural communication

Communication about food is increasingly complex in a world of food-related controversies, amongst fad diets, foodborne illnesses, genetically modified organisms, food scarcity and more. 

Effective and reliable communication about food and agriculture is becoming increasingly necessaryand urgent given the centrality of food to human and non-human life.

Research projects in this theme may investigate any science-related communication about food and agricultural sciences from a range of perspectives: consumers, farmers and other food producers, genetic scientists and agronomists, and at government or corporate levels.

Our research investigates: 

  • What are the public attitudes and concerns to genetically modified (GM) foods?
  • How do farmers acquire scientific information and how do heuristics, risk and uncertainty influence farming decisions?
  • What influences people’s perceptions of trustworthy sources when it comes to dieting and nutrition?
  • How do commercial enterprises present agricultural research? 
  • How do we improve public health communication regarding food?

Relevant CPAS courses are: 



Students also undertake research in this theme for undergraduate coursework, postgraduate coursework and higher degrees by research.

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Project Status
An analysis of access to e-agriculture in PNG Completed
An evaluation of biosecurity awareness in the Australian banana industry Completed
Communicating information to coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea Completed
Diffusion and adoption of hybrid rice in Australia and some developing countries in the Asia Pacific Completed
Easy to swallow? The commercial presentation of phytoestrogen research Completed
Farming with El Nino and Info Glut: how do farmers acquire scientific information? Completed
Food for talk: Communication in the agricultural Seeds of Life project in Timor Leste Completed
GM and drought in the Wimmera: A pilot study of public awareness of and attitudes towards GM drought-tolerant wheat and the drought in the Wimmera Completed
GM food: public attitudes, concerns and influences Completed
Heuristics, risk and uncertainty and their influence on farmers decisions to adopt technologies and strategies in Integrated Weed Management (IWM) and Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) programs Completed
Navigating nutrition: web content analysis to inform development of the Shared Decision Making model Completed
Pesticides: a residual problem? A study of community perceptions of food safety Completed
Prohibition, illegal consumption and the freedom and safety of the consumer Completed
Public opinion on labelling of genetically modified foods Completed
Public perception of coffee safety Completed
Science communication in Australian agriculture Completed
Superfood: you'll believe that food can fly! Completed
What do people think about GM pasture grasses? Completed
Wheat farmers' perspectives of information needs in a changing socio-economic context Completed