Scientists Taking Astronomy to Regional Schools – Impact and Outcomes

STARS (Scientists Taking Astronomy to Regional Schools) engages primary and secondary school students located in rural, regional and remote locations through a series of visits by astronomers. Through targeted presentations, interactive workshops, Q&As, star-gazing evenings, learning how to operate telescopes and first-hand data astronomical data collection projects, students are exposed to, and are inspired by, the excitement of real-world science and scientists. Schools are also given telescopes and other equipment to continue astronomical events, experiments, and engagement.  

This project will look at the impact and outcomes of STARS in a range of schools.  This project will work with teachers at schools across a range of regional and remote areas to evaluate what impact extra resources, generally not accessible to rural areas, has on science engagement and understanding.  We will also look at any short and medium-term outcomes for teachers, students, and the general public.

This project comes with a $8,000 top-up scholarship courtesy of the ARC Centre of Excellence in All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions.