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Organisational science communication


A significant amount of science communication happens within organisations, especially government and non-government organisations who commission and consume scientific research as part of their core business.

This research theme explores key issues affecting science communication within and between organisations, with a focus on understanding these relationships. 

Examples of organisations considered in this theme include government departments, large corporations such as drug companies, pharmaceuticals or agricultural conglomerates, and organisations such as the Australian Medical Association.

Our research investigates: 

  • How can organisational science communication capacity be enhanced?
  • What do science-consuming organisations require of science communication?
  • How can science communication facilitate science adoption?
  • Exploring barriers and facilitators for communication between research and non-research organisations
  • What happens when organisational values clash with science values?
  • How can science communication best support commercialization efforts?

Relevant CPAS courses are: 



For those undergraduates interested in pursuing this area of science communication, we also offer the Professional Science Engagement Specialisation, which can be taken in conjunction with a science communication major.

Students also undertake research in this theme for undergraduate coursework, postgraduate coursework and higher degrees by research.

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For more information about this project please contact cpas@anu.edu.au.

The intent in this project is to contribute to the emerging field of sustainability communication by asking ‘Who says what, in which channel, to whom, with what effect?‘ (Lasswell 1948) within this three-networks model of transition.

This research investigates the development, use and effects of using elective surgery waiting list statistics to communicate information about the performance of the ACT Public Hospital system.

This project is looking at the effectiveness of the communication strategies of the Sociology researchers of the Energy Pipeline CRC with the Australian Pipeline Industry.

For more information about this project please contact cpas@anu.edu.au.

30 Years After the Bay-Dole Act: Rethinking the Australian Research Commercialisation Experience



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