Landscape image of a science center with people visiting various exhibits include a spaceship, moon walking roboto, and a satellite.

Informal learning, science centres, and social aspects of science education


Research projects in this theme examine aspects of formal and informal science learning that contribute to people's attitudes and relationships to science. Projects may address aspects of the history, function, strengths and weaknesses of science centres and other endeavours designed to promote science learning in informal contexts; creative approaches to science teaching that incorporate science communication theory and methods; and studies of students' experiences within formal science education.

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This project will look at student perspectives on which molecular models they find most valuable.

This research project focuses on the portrayal of the nature of science (NOS) within international curricula.

This project focuses on primary school teachers’ learning during Enrichment Programmes designed and conducted for primary students at the Science Centre Singapore.

Science communication, over the last two decades, has shifted its onus from public understanding to public engagement.



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