The following is a list CPAS publications for the last 10 years. For older publications please visit the archive page.


Selected media coverage

  • Harper, C. (2016, October 8). ANU scientists' magpie swooping video goes viral. The RiotACT. Coverage of Will Grant and Rod Lamberts' video of them riding down Linnaeus Way in awful jumpers on a tandem bike getting swooped by magpies.
  • Jeffery, S. (2016, November 27). Scientists mentor Melrose High School science students on projects. The Canberra Times. Coverage of John Rayner's participation in high school science mentorship program.
  • Macdonald, E. (2016, February 22). Alan Alda communicating science at the ANU. The Canberra Times.
  • Settlement Council of Australia. (2016) Opening Doors project. Settlement Council of Australian Newsletter, August 2016 edition.
  • Weisberger, M. (2016, August 1). 'Doctor Who' scientists: how do women measure up? LiveScience. Covers Lindy Orthia and Rachel Morgain's paper about gender and scientists in Doctor Who.
  • Wong, K. (2016) 'Learning to talk the talk.The Standard. Discusses joint CPAS-HKU Space Master of Science Communication program.
  • Woodward, R. (2016). Book Review: The Representation of Science and Scientists on Postage Stamps. In Philamath: A Journal of Mathematical PhilatelyXXXVII (3). Review of Chris Yardley's book of this name.
  • Zusi, K. (2016, January). A century of science on stamps. The Scientist, p. 72. Review of Chris Yardley's book on this subject.



Refereed journal papers

Conference presentations

  • Li, R. (2015). "I believe in a gender blind society like Star Trek": The importance of portraying gender balance in science on The Big Bang Theory. Paper presented at the Stories About Science: exploring science communication and entertainment media Symposium, Manchester, England, June 4-5 2015.

Popular media

Selected media coverage