The following is a list CPAS publications for the last 10 years. For older publications please visit the archive page. When working with government and industry partners, CPAS researchers often publish formal research reports outside the peer-reviewed literature to enhance their accessibility to stakeholders and publics. Read more about CPAS research reports.


Selected media coverage

  • Harper, C. (2016, October 8). ANU scientists' magpie swooping video goes viral. The RiotACT. Coverage of Will Grant and Rod Lamberts' video of them riding down Linnaeus Way in awful jumpers on a tandem bike getting swooped by magpies.
  • Jeffery, S. (2016, November 27). Scientists mentor Melrose High School science students on projects. The Canberra Times. Coverage of John Rayner's participation in high school science mentorship program.
  • Macdonald, E. (2016, February 22). Alan Alda communicating science at the ANU. The Canberra Times.
  • Settlement Council of Australia. (2016) Opening Doors project. Settlement Council of Australian Newsletter, August 2016 edition.
  • Weisberger, M. (2016, August 1). 'Doctor Who' scientists: how do women measure up? LiveScience. Covers Lindy Orthia and Rachel Morgain's paper about gender and scientists in Doctor Who.
  • Wong, K. (2016) 'Learning to talk the talk.The Standard. Discusses joint CPAS-HKU Space Master of Science Communication program.
  • Woodward, R. (2016). Book Review: The Representation of Science and Scientists on Postage Stamps. In Philamath: A Journal of Mathematical PhilatelyXXXVII (3). Review of Chris Yardley's book of this name.
  • Zusi, K. (2016, January). A century of science on stamps. The Scientist, p. 72. Review of Chris Yardley's book on this subject.



Refereed journal papers

Conference presentations

  • Li, R. (2015). "I believe in a gender blind society like Star Trek": The importance of portraying gender balance in science on The Big Bang Theory. Paper presented at the Stories About Science: exploring science communication and entertainment media Symposium, Manchester, England, June 4-5 2015.

Popular media

Selected media coverage