Publications archive

The following is a list of Centre for the Public Awareness of Science publications up to 2018.


Refereed conference papers

  • Stocklmayer, S.M., & Rennie, L.J. (1991). Learning science: Promoting a gender-inclusive science curriculum. In Rennie, L.J., Parker, L.H., & Hildebrand, G.M. (Eds). Proceedings of the sixth international GASAT conference. The Key Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education, Perth.

Invited keynote presentations

  • Stocklmayer, S.M. Hands on activities for secondary school science classrooms.  A plenary session for the Annual Conference of the Science Teachers Association of Brunei, Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei, 1991.


Refereed journal papers

  • Stocklmayer, S.M. (1989). Creativity and girls in science. Australian Science Teachers Journal, 35(3): 77.


Refereed journal papers

  • Stocklmayer, S.M. (1988). Casting a little light on some candle experiments. Australian Science Teachers Journal, 34(3): 39-40.



  • Dube, P., Stocklmayer, S.M. (1985). Solutions. Harare: Longman.