Tangyao Zhang

Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Biotechnology
PhD Researcher
Sessional Academic (Outreach)

Tangyao is an international student from China. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Food Quality and Safety from the Shandong Agricultural University in 2011, and was awarded a Master of Biotechnology from the University of Melbourne in 2014.

His master’s thesis ‘FosqNet: a prototype food quality and safety management system for China’ examined food safety issues and introduced a possible solution: a safety management system and focused on risk communication. During the development of his master’s thesis, he found that the safety of genetically modified foods is fiercely debated in China and he realised science communication is a suitable direction for further developing his research.

Currently Tangyao is investigating the public perceptions of risk associated with genetically modified foods in China with an interdisciplinary approach. He also works as a communication assistant at ANU Joint Colleges of Science.

In his spare time, Tangyao performs musical instruments such as piano, clarinet and harmonica.

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