Nic Badullovich

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geology - ANU, Master of Science Communication - ANU
PhD Researcher

I completed my Bachelor's degree at the ANU, majoring in Earth science and specialising in petrology and  geochemistry. My honours thesis involved unravelling the geological history of a suite of ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks through petrography, geochemical analysis and geochronology. I have also published academic literature in the field of isotope geochemistry. 

My Master's degree was in science communication and my research project was a quantitative systematic literature review of climate change framing. I aimed to take a snapshot of the current state of knowledge around how messages of climate change are framed and which are most effective. 

I have a passion for all science and love communicating it, I currently upload videos to my YouTube channel Accretionite which aims to provide fun and interesting knowledge about our Earth.