Luke Powter

BSc (Res & Env Mgmt) LLB (ANU), BSc Hons (UNSW@ADFA)
PhD Researcher

Luke's connection with ANU began in 2003 as a shy undergraduate student commencing his combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws degrees. Since then, Luke has completed both degrees, spent four years as a tutor in a first year sustainability course, and is currently first year coordinator in the Fenner School, as well as the Educational Technologist in Science.

With interests in technology and education, Luke comes to CPAS as a PhD researcher seeking to develop strategies and opportunities for the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in science.

Aside from his academic interests, Luke is a keen rollercoaster enthusiast and spends much of his free time galavanting around the world visiting theme parks. So far in his life, Luke has conquered over 300 different coasters.

Research interests

Luke's research interests include: technology enhanced teaching and learning in science, opportunities for connecting social interactivity and digital technologies for better student learning outcomes in science, and understanding and addressing barriers to appropriate technology use in science classrooms.

Luke's PhD research project seeks to develop a pedagogy for the use of digital technology in tertiary science teaching and learning.