Jenni Metcalfe

B.Ed (Sci); B.Bus.Comm, MSc
PhD Researcher

Jenni Metcalfe is the Founder and Director of Econnect Communication, established in 1995 to help scientists communicate about their research. Jenni also lectures in science communication at the University of Rhine-Waal in Germany. She has been a science communicator for more than 25 years, working as a journalist, practitioner and researcher. Jenni has published many papers and articles on science communication. She was co-editor of the human scale: International practices in science communication, published in 2006 by Science Press, Beijing. Jenni has been a member of the scientific committee of the International Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network since 1996. She is currently Chair of the PCST’s Program Committee for its next conference, being held in Dunedin New Zealand in 2018. Jenni is passionate about doing science communication that creates a positive difference to people’s lives. She believes that every person has a right to understand and engage with science so they can make more informed decisions about issues and opportunities that affect their lives.

Research interests

Recognising that all effective communication is based on an understanding of and relationships with the people we communicate with, Jenni is interested in research that identifies and better understands various publics. She is also interested in exploring the interface between theory and practice to better inform engagement between science and various publics for helping to make a difference to the environmental, social and economic outcomes.


Jenni has taught science communication at the University of Queensland, and is currently a visiting lecturer in science communication at the University of Rhine-Waal in Germany (risk and crisis communication, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and comparative media studies).