Dr Will Grant

Senior Lecturer
Graduate Studies Convener
Workshops Convener

Dr Will J Grant is Lecturer, Researcher and Graduate Studies Convener at CPAS.

Will's research and writing has focused on the intersection of society, politics and science, and how the relationships between these are changing with new technologies.

Research interests

Will's current research interests include a focus on the relationship between science and public policy, an investigation of science communication in social media, and an examination of the spatial practices in modern science communication.


Hussey, K, J Pittock, S Dovers, J Handmer and W J Grant. ‘Living with floods: key lessons from Australia and Abroard’. Application to the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility August 2011. 

Upstream, film crowdfunded at Pozible.com. Funded 13 September 2012

SCOPE Sustainable Science Outreach Grants, 2010. ‘Long Conversations: A proposal for a Listening based Communication Project with Climate Scientists and Communicators in Regional and Remote Australia’ 


Recent Writing


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Publicly focused

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