Dr Merryn McKinnon

BSc Hons (Marine Science), Grad Dip (Sci Comm), Masters Journalism, PhD (Sci Comm)
Honours Convener

Dr Merryn McKinnon's original degree was in marine science where, after the novelty of moving intertidal snails with a paint scraper wore off, she discovered that talking about her research to other people brought her far closer to her conservation goals than her actual project ever could.

This led her to the field of science communication where she has stayed ever since, working in a range of roles and countries. Merryn enjoys the diverse issues science communication allows her to explore, applying her innovative thinking and problem solving skills.

Her experience outside of academia informs her teaching, embedding her courses in 'real world' scenarios with an emphasis on engaging students in practical application of theory wherever possible.

She was one of 76 women selected to participate in the inaugural journey of Homeward Bound - a state of the art leadership and strategy initiative for women in science. She was the science communication coordinator for the 2018 Homeward Bound (HB2) intake, facilitating the further science communication skill development of those current and emerging leaders to help shape the future.

Merryn believes that communication is an essential part of the scientific process, and can create change which benefits us all.

Research interests

The relationship between science, publics and the media; public engagement in science inlcuding influences on beliefs and perceptions of science; factors affecting interpretation and understanding of communication messages; informal education; health communication; and the impact of science communication skill development and activities with a particular focus on gender.

Peer-reviewed journal papers

Peer-reviewed encyclopaedia entries/book reviews/book chapters

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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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Popular writing/opinion pieces

Merryn is the lecturer for Science in the Media, Health Promotion and Protection, and convenes the Honours program.

She is also a regular presenter of some of CPAS's short courses.