CPAS at ASPAC and 4S

Publication date
Monday, 10 Sep 2018

Talking SDGs at the Asia-Pacific Science Centre Network (ASPAC) conference
While not a science centre, we do love to play and research in that space! CPAS’s Dr Graham Walker travelled to Taiwan to be part of the ASPAC conference, sharing innovations created at the ANU Makerspace as part of pre-conference capacity building workshop, and presenting CPAS’s work in Africa related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

CPAS at 4S Sydney 2018: TRANSnational STS
This year, the annual conference of The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) was held nearby in Sydney. A number of CPASians and ANU colleagues headed over to listen, present and network with our international community. 

PhD candidate Tara Roberson presented her research on public engagement with emerging quantum technologies, and Visiting Fellow Dr Wendy Russell presented and led a sesssion on public engagement and participatory practice. 

Of particular interest was a session on STS institutions and programs, where Associate Professor Sujatha Raman's lessons from both the University of Nottingham and ANU sparked discussions on the role of social sciences in interdisciplinary research and the work of problem-centred institutions.

For more detail, see the 4S Sydney program online, or find contact information for individuals via our website.