Far out – and yet so close! Visions and Visualisations of Outer Space in Science, Sci-Fi Film and Space Art

8 October 2021

When you look up at the night sky, do you see Sci-Fi Space Pierrots, Killer Klowns from outer space and spaceships? You will soon - after attending our upcoming event "Far out - and yet so close! visions and visualisations of outer space in science, sci-fi film and space art"! 8 October, 6pm, Zoom.


This event explores spaced-out visions of outer space and its sciences in visual fictions. Moderated by two academics from the ANU - studying space narratives from the perspectives of astronomy (Dr Brad Tucker) and popular entertainment (Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens) - this is an exciting round table discussion that will examine the communication and imaginary of science in sci-fi film and the cultural ideas it generates in performance art together with three distinguished guest speakers: the visual effects specialist and scientist Oliver James, who worked on Christopher Nolan's 2014 blockbuster 'Interstellar', the special effects artist and director Stephen Chiodo, creator of the 1988 cult film 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space', and performance artist Le Pustra, a colourful shapeshifting conduit thriving on visual sci-fi, theatre and drag.


The discussion will be accompanied by student assistant Lilia Walsh, who designed the logo, poster and all visual material for this event, and the synth sci-fi performance "Andromeda is Coming… with Kit Devine" - created by Dr Charles Martin, Dr Alexander Hunter and Dr Kit Devine:


"Andromeda is Coming…" is a Canberra-based electronic and experimental duo featuring two academics from the Australian National University (Charles Martin and Alexander Hunter). Using viola da gamba, percussion, live electronics and found sounds from Earth and beyond, their live soundtrack works explore potential soundscapes from our collective imagined futures.


This event is supported by Inspiring the ACT. Event will be on zoom.

Registration essential.


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