Dr Matt Wood

BSc (marine biology, environmental chemistry), MSciComm
PhD Researcher

Originally a science graduate with majors in marine biology and environmental chemistry, Matt worked on research projects searching for potential new drugs in soft corals and sea cucumbers.

A strong interest in foreign cultures drew Matt to South Asia, South East Asia, Canada and finally Japan, where he has now spent more than 13 years.

In 2009 he completed a Master of Sciences Communication during which he investigated the relationship between high school students’ perceptions of science and scientists, and their intentions to pursue a career in science.

Matt is currently based at the University of Tsukuba in Japan where he works with undergraduate and graduate biology students to improve their communication skills, and promote the importance of communicating their science to a wider audience. He also directs a student group which develops and conducts science shows for young children.

Matt has broad interests within science communication, but is currently focussing on visual aspects of the public communication of science.