Dr Lindy Orthia

BSc (Hons), GCertHist, PhD, SFHEA
Senior Lecturer

Lindy is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the School of Sociology, within the Research School of Social Sciences in the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences.

From 2007 until early 2021 she was an academic in science communication at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science within the ANU College of Science, at Senior Lecturer level from 2015.

Lindy completed a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at La Trobe University then came to ANU to undertake honours in plant systematics, jointly with the Australian National Herbarium, CSIRO. She commenced a PhD in plant systematics but soon transferred to a PhD in science communication in 2005, graduating in 2010. Recognising much of her work took a historical approach, she undertook a Graduate Certificate in History from 2013-15. Prior to studying science, Lindy was an activist who spent much of her time researching, writing and agitating in regard to diverse political issues, working in student representative and community organisations.

Professional Awards and Honours

  • 2020 Winner: College of Science Dean's Commendation for Excellence in Education for Programs that Enhance Learning (Team)
  • 2014 recognised as Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • 2013 Winner: Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2013 Winner: ANU Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
  • 2012 Winner: Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2009 Winner: ANU ResearchFest Award for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating

Research interests

Lindy's current research interests are:

  • the politics of knowledge, in particular the rhetorical power of Western science compared to the world's many other systems of science and knowledge
  • intersections of science and science communication with sociopolitical categories such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class and disability
  • representations of science in popular fiction and public responses to them
  • histories of science communication and the uses of history in public communication about science.

For more current and complete information on Lindy's publications and bio, including a more up to date publications list, go to lindyorthia.com.




    Conference papers

    • Orthia, L.A. (2017) Reclaiming the origin of science for science communication and science studies. Paper presented at Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy & Social Studies of Science Biennial Conference, Wollongong, 22-24 November 2017.
    • Shadbolt N.A., Parker M.A. & Orthia L.A. (2014) Communicating endometriosis with young women to decrease diagnosis time. Paper presented at 12th World Congress on Endometriosis, São Paulo, Brazil, 30 April-3 May 2014.
    • Shadbolt N.A., Parker M.A. & Orthia L.A. (2014) Communicating endometriosis with young women. Poster presented at 12th World Congress on Endometriosis, São Paulo, Brazil, 30 April-3 May 2014. Also presented at the Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting, Canberra, 12-15 August 2014.
    • Orthia L.A. (2011) Cross-dressing blokes can’t reason; man-hating chicks can’t weld: The gender politics of incompetent scientist characters in Doctor Who. Paper presented at PopCAANZ 2nd Annual International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, June 29-July 1 2011.
    • Orthia L.A. (2010) “Paradise is a little too green for me”: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who, 1963-present. Paper presented at Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe, Monash University, Melbourne, August 30-September 1 2010.
    • Orthia L.A. (2010) The ginger temp’s deficient brain: Doctor Who and public engagement with science. Paper presented at Aussiecon4: 68th World Science Fiction Convention, Melbourne, September 2-6 2010.
    • Orthia L.A. (2009) Inspiring teaching - inspiring teachers to teach. Presentation to the ANU Festival of Teaching, June 2009.
    • Orthia L.A. (2006) Boundedness, Relationality and Evolution in Biological Systems. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference of the Society for Literature, Science and Art: "Evolution: Biological, Cultural, and Cosmic", New York, November 9-12, 2006. Download pdf (40k)
    • Orthia L.A., Crisp M.D. & Cook L.G. (2003) Mangled Little Boxes: squeezing the Mirbelia group (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae) into a stable genus level classification. Paper presented at the 150 Years Conference: Celebrating 150 years of plant research in Australia, Melbourne, September 29-October 3 2003.
    • James E.A., Orthia L. & Garrick R. (2002) Comparing Victorian and Tasmanian Prasophyllum correctum. Are they the same species? Paper presented at the Mutual Gains Symposium, Melbourne, October 16-18 2002.
    • de Kok R.P.J., Orthia L.A. & West J.G. (2001) An investigation into the phylogeny of the Australian endemic genus Pultenaea Sm. (Fabaceae). Paper presented at Legumes Down Under: the Fourth International Legume Conference, Canberra, July 2-6 2001.

    Research reports

    • Ingles C. & Orthia L.A. (2016) A New Synthesis on the Geology of Middle-earth: Genesis, Orogeny and Tectonics. Canberra: Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, The Australian National University.
    • Coonan E., Orthia L.A., Bloomfield F., Horst J., Pascoe A., Schiffl K. & Axelsen S. (2013) Regular viewing of a television drama series affects responses to science ideologies in it: a focus group-based study of 'Bones'. Canberra: Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, The Australian National University.
    • Caulfield L., Coffey B., La Nauze J., Narayan I., Orthia L. & Whitehead A. (2006) Submission to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council River Red Gum Investigation Draft Proposals Paper. Melbourne, Friends of the Earth Barmah-Millewa Collective.
    • Orthia L., LoCascio A., Neville A. & Neville H. (2003) Grazing and Fire Hazard: A submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Bushfire Disaster. Melbourne, Friends of the Earth Barmah-Millewa Collective.
    • Narayan I., Orthia L. & Barker P. (2002) Barmah-Millewa National Park: Proposal and Briefing Document. Melbourne, Friends of the Earth Melbourne Barmah-Millewa Collective.
    • Orthia L.A. (2002) Evidence from the scientific literature supporting the environmental component of the Yorta Yorta Management Plan for the Barmah-Millewa forest ecosystem. Melbourne, Friends of the Earth Melbourne Barmah-Millewa Collective. Download pdf (300k)
    • Orthia L. (1998) The Stop Violence Handbook. Melbourne, La Trobe University Students' Representative Council.

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