David Knowles

BSc (Psyc), Hons in Science Communication
Honours Graduate

David completed his Psychology degree at ANU in June of 2013. He commenced his Honours degree in Science Communication in July 2013.

Prior to undertaking full time studies in 2009 he operated his own Driver & Road safety consultancy, which he founded in 1993. This involved delivering information, advice, driver safety seminars and practical driver training to large Australian corporates. Driver presentations were mainly delivered in capitol cities while practical driver training was specifically delivered in remote areas of Australia, particularly snow & ice training in the Australian alps, and outback driving safety in the remote areas of all states.

David spent 15 years as a member of the Australian Federal Police and has experience in the following areas: Highway patrol (pursuit motor cycles), Fatal Accident Investigation, Legal Branch (Prosecution and representations), and Driver Training, including training for AusAid in the South Pacific.

David is particularly interested in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in the area Social Psychology. The disciplines of Psychology and Sociology both have a perspective on this discipline area, and the process for communicating these disciplines in an applied corporate environment is David’s particular area of interest. David believes the complexity of real world problems often requires a transdisciplinary approach, significant communication considerations and an implementation strategy that may be assisted in its development from a more applied research approach.