Science in the media

This research theme examines the intersections of science, the media and the public. The media in this theme incorporates both traditional print and electronic (radio and television) media, and can often include social media outlets as well.

Projects investigate such topics as:

The relationships between scientists, media and/or the public, e.g.:
  • Where do the public get their scientific information? Which sources do they trust?

  • What media outlets and information sources do scientists use?

  • How has the advent of social media changed public discussion of scientific issues?

The coverage of scientific issues in the media, e.g.:
  • The framing and agenda setting role of the media, especially in controversial issues such as climate change and vaccination

  • Comparison of coverage of an issue between different countries or mediums

The roles of different media, e.g.:
  • What is the role and influence of social media on public engagement with science in comparison to traditional media?

  • Which media sources are the most influential – and what are their influences?

Contact theme convenor, Dr Merryn McKinnon, for more information or click on the tabs below to find people, projects and events associated with this theme.


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