When working with government and industry partners, CPAS researchers often publish formal research reports outside the peer-reviewed literature to enhance their accessibility to stakeholders and publics. They are archived here.

How do Australians Engage with Science?

Suzette Searle, Apr 2014

This report was commissioned by Inspiring Australia and authored by Dr Suzette Searle from CPAS. It provides a nationally representative baseline of Australian attitudes toward and behaviours related to science and technology that can be used to monitor any changes over time. Specific points of interest include understanding Australians’ awareness, interest and engagement with science and technology, understanding current and preferred sources of information about science and technology, and exploring attitudes towards a range of values associated with science and technology and whether science is regarded as a good career option.

Searle 2014 How do Australians Engage with Science.pdf (PDF, 3.07 MB)

Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement

Sue Stocklmayer and Sean Perera, Mar 2011

This report was commissioned by Inspiring Australia and prepared by Professor Sue Stocklmayer and Dr Sean Perera from CPAS, with the Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement Working Group chaired by Mr Richard Eckersley. It offers a plan for identifying and sharing best practice for an evidence base for science engagement in Australia. It finds that much needs to be done to create stronger links between the constituent parts of Australia’s national innovation system, proposing ten recommendations divided into three main themes: The Australian Public, Science Engagement Enterprises, and Funding for Science Communication.

Inspiring Australia 2011 Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement.pdf (PDF, 587.76 KB)

ANU Poll: Public Opinion about Science

Rod Lamberts, Will J. Grant & Aaron Martin, Dec 2010

This eighth ANUpoll, designed by CPAS researchers Dr Rod Lamberts and Dr Will Grant, looks at what Australians really think of science, scientists and, specifically, climate science. It also asks how Australians feel about science in comparison to topics like sport and religion. It shows that Australians have a diverse and complex relationship with science. Many of us are proud of our country’s scientific achievements and confident about their worth. However it also tells us that Australians are confused about climate science and unhappy when politicians ignore scientific advice.

ANU Poll 2010 Public Opinion About Science.pdf (PDF, 1.29 MB)

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