This list details past and present research projects conducted at CPAS. It provides a good indication of the nature of science communication as well as the breadth of research topics that can be broached in this discipline. Prospective students are encouraged to develop their own research topics, perhaps using this list as a starting point for thinking through ideas and to find an appropriate supervisor.

For more information on a specific project, please contact Graduate Enquiries.

Project Status Degree type Principal investigator
'Killer bugs' - Balancing health and hype in the media: A discourse analysis and comparison of Australian press reports on meningococcal disease and pneumococcal disease Complete Masters coursework
3D Images and Models in Chemistry Complete Honours
A comparison of anti-vaccination and pro-vaccination image memes on Facebook Complete Undergraduate
A comparison of climate change communication on social media and regular (news) media Complete Masters coursework
A comparison of the nature of science within five international curricula Complete Honours
A Deliberation on the Future of Non-Embryo [Adult] Human Gene Therapy in Australia Current Higher degree by research
A difference in frame: The framing of stem cell research in newspapers across Canada Complete Masters coursework
A history of satellite-based remote sensing in Australia 1971-1989 Complete Higher degree by research
A qualitative enquiry into practitioners' reflection on science communication in Japan Complete Higher degree by research
A study of the use of electronic road signs during 2008 in the Australian Capital Territory: “Are road users seeing the message and is it changing their behaviours of water use?” Complete Masters coursework
Accessing visual communication modes to promote an understanding of Alzheimer’s disease in the digital realm Complete Undergraduate
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Using Social Media to Promote and Educate on Health Issues Complete Undergraduate
An analysis of access to e-agriculture in PNG Complete Masters coursework
An analysis of the science communication of cooperative research centres Complete Masters coursework
An evaluation of biosecurity awareness in the Australian banana industry Complete Masters coursework
An evaluation of the regulation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Australia Complete Honours
ANU health and wellbeing communication with students Complete Undergraduate
Are ACT primary teachers still using video in the classroom? Complete Masters coursework
Audience responses to fictional representations of future technology Complete Honours
Australian National University Student Health Survey Complete Masters coursework
Bibs, boards and bathrooms: an investigation into teaching introductory organic chemistry Complete Undergraduate
Boundary-spanning the knowledge and policy networks of sustainability transition: insights from the diffusion of accounting innovations Complete Higher degree by research
Bridging the gap between the science of childhood immunisation and parents Complete Higher degree by research
Can academics who blog gain a better understanding regarding the social context of their research? Complete Masters coursework
Characterising a movement against cancer research Complete Undergraduate
Communicating bioprospecting information to indigenous communities: insights from the experts Complete Masters coursework
Communicating biosecurity information to Australian-registered veterinary practitioners Current Graduate, Masters coursework
Communicating endometriosis to young women to decrease diagnostic time Complete Undergraduate
Communicating information to coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea Complete Masters coursework
Communicating organisational outcomes using simple performance indicators: a case study using ACT elective surgery waiting lists Current Higher degree by research
Communicating science through children’s literature Complete Masters coursework
Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art Complete Higher degree by research
Communicating the sociology of safety to the Australian pipeline industry Complete Honours
Communication in the integrated use of Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science in environmental management Complete Masters coursework
Communication of hysterectomy information to Australian women Current Higher degree by research
Communication on menstruation: Women’s knowledge, health risks, disposable products, and the environment Complete Undergraduate
Communications in industry/university interactions: some tips (of icebergs) Complete Masters coursework
Computer awareness in Indonesian secondary schools: a first step Complete Masters coursework
Designing a treatment information website for cancer patients Complete Masters coursework
Designing information for people to use - designers need to be problem solvers Complete Masters coursework
Developing a pedagogy for the use of digital technologies in science teaching and learning Current Higher degree by research
Dialogue and science communication Complete Masters coursework
Diffusion and adoption of hybrid rice in Australia and some developing countries in the Asia Pacific Complete Higher degree by research
Discourses of race and evolutionary theory in the X-Men series of films Complete Undergraduate
Do primary school teachers learn from Enrichment Programmes conducted for primary students at Science Centre Singapore? Complete Higher degree by research
Easy to swallow? The commercial presentation of phytoestrogen research Complete Masters coursework
Engaged in fiction, engaged in science: Can stories about science inspire a career? Complete Honours
Engaging Visions Complete
Enlightenment was the choice: 'Doctor Who' and the democratisation of science Complete Higher degree by research
Environmental communication: dissent, conflict, enquiry Complete Higher degree by research
Environmental community groups and the concept of public participation in ocean and coastal management Complete Masters coursework
Environmental resource management board game Complete Undergraduate
Environmental Science Communication in Regional Centres of Expertise Complete Masters coursework
Environmental scientists' and ecologists' uses of Indigenous ecological knowledge Complete Masters coursework
Evaluating the learning outcomes of the science centre education programs at the CSIRO Dicovery Centre Complete Masters coursework
Evaluating the pilot Pacific Science Exchange Complete Masters coursework
Evaluation of artists experiences as participants in the Field Studies, art and environment program Current Higher degree by research
Exploring the gender gap in science communication via popular YouTube science channels Complete Masters coursework
Exploring the implication of science communication practices on a model for teacher professional development: Serving up the Pierian Waters Complete Higher degree by research
Facts in fiction: Categorising science in narratives Complete Undergraduate
Facts or Fun: defining the target of botanic garden education Complete Masters coursework
Farming with El Nino and Info Glut: how do farmers acquire scientific information? Complete Masters coursework
Fictional and real female scientists as role-models for girls and young women Complete Undergraduate
Fictional portrayals of real scientists in semi-biographical films Complete Undergraduate
Food and thought. What are visitors learning during animal feeding time at the zoo? Complete Masters coursework
Food for talk: Communication in the agricultural Seeds of Life project in Timor Leste Current Higher degree by research
Formal science education: The 'why's and 'why not's of student enrolment behaviour Complete Undergraduate
Frameworks for evaluating public engagement with science Current Higher degree by research
Framing science: science communication through fashion media Complete Undergraduate
From invention to innovation: commercialisation of publicly-funded research Complete Higher degree by research
Gene technology in action: the effect of a gene technology workshop on the attitudes of senior high school science students towards gene technology Complete Masters coursework
Genomics and Twitter: How is genomics discussed on Twitter? Complete Undergraduate
Geoquest: An interactive multimedia program for introductory Earth Science education Complete Masters coursework
Getting the point across: a study into the effects of vaccination interventions on vaccine uptake Complete Undergraduate
Glacier exploration – one and a half centuries of glaciology Complete Masters coursework
Global approaches to local issues: UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme - a multilateral instrument for natural resource management Current Higher degree by research
GM and drought in the Wimmera: A pilot study of public awareness of and attitudes towards GM drought-tolerant wheat and the drought in the Wimmera Complete Masters coursework
GM food: public attitudes, concerns and influences Complete Masters coursework
Heroes of Science - public images, inspirations and impacts Complete Higher degree by research
Heuristics, risk and uncertainty and their influence on farmers decisions to adopt technologies and strategies in Integrated Weed Management (IWM) and Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) programs Current Higher degree by research
How can the explainer training of the NSM Science Caravan be improved using the model of the Shell Questacon Science Circus? Complete Masters coursework
How the sitcom The Big Bang Theory influences audience perceptions of science and scientists Complete Higher degree by research
How young Australians communicate about mental ill health on Facebook Complete Honours
Ideologies of science in 'Doctor Who' Current
Impacts of citizen science on volunteers Complete Masters coursework
Influences on the science teaching self-efficacy beliefs of Australian primary school teachers Complete Higher degree by research
Informal science activities for the social development of people with intellectual disabilities Current Higher degree by research
Informing and engaging young girls about engineering: An evaluation of Robogals robotics workshops Complete Undergraduate
Institutionalising the agora: investigating the evolution of public accountability in Australian medical research institutes Complete Higher degree by research
Interactive multimedia in Australian university teaching: a new toy or a useful tool? Complete Masters coursework
International comparisons of secondary school science textbooks in terms of science literacy Complete Masters coursework
Investigating Scientific Representations of Suicide in Documentary Film Complete Masters coursework
Investigating the Purpose of Chemistry Education: An Academic Staff, Student, and Industry Perspective Complete Honours
Investigating the use of video games for science communication Complete Honours
Is a photograph worth a thousand words? The communication of Alzheimer’s disease research using visual interdisciplinary methodologies Complete Undergraduate
Issues of organ donation: an interactive multimedia program Complete Masters coursework
Know your genes: a study of programs that provide information about genes and inherited conditions Complete Masters coursework
Knowledge exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians Current Masters coursework
Longitudinal science and society study: climate change communication and intersect with policy in Australia (1987-2001) Complete Higher degree by research
Making antimatter matter Complete Masters coursework
Making sense of the geology of Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings Complete Undergraduate
Mapping and tracking engagement in controversial scientific discourses Current Higher degree by research
Maralinga: testing times for Australian media Complete Higher degree by research
Mirror frames: Engagement on climate change in urban and rural populations Complete Masters coursework
Models of expertise in the South African HIV/AIDS crisis Complete Undergraduate
Models of Time Travel: a comparative study using film Complete Higher degree by research
Molecular models in chemical education: teaching with three dimensions Complete Undergraduate
Natural semantic metalanguage as a tool for cross-cultural science communication Complete Honours
Navigating nutrition: web content analysis to inform development of the Shared Decision Making model Complete Undergraduate
Nuclear Power - what does the world think? Complete Undergraduate
On the road with the Shell Questacon Science Circus: an investigation of its contribution to the public understanding of science Complete Masters coursework
On-site insights: reflections of astronomy exhibitions at observatory visitor centres Complete Higher degree by research
Opening Doors Complete
Opportunities and Challenges in an Ongoing and Collaborative Non-Formal Program for Developing Students’ Trajectories into Post-Compulsory STEM study Current Higher degree by research
Organic waste recycling by ACT households: a survey of communication and community education needs Complete Masters coursework
Outstanding Linkage Grant Success - What Contributes? Complete Undergraduate
Parental values, preferences and issues with sex education in Australian schools Complete Honours
Perceptions in medical journalism: A comparative study between Australian and Malaysian medical journalists Complete Masters coursework
Pesticides: a residual problem? A study of community perceptions of food safety Complete Masters coursework
Playing at reality Complete Higher degree by research
Portrayals of science and the environment in the computer game 'Civilization 5' Complete Undergraduate
Prohibition, illegal consumption and the freedom and safety of the consumer Current Higher degree by research
Providing useable knowledge for decision making on climate adaptation issues Complete Masters coursework
Public Awareness and Risk Communication of GM Foods in China Current Higher degree by research
Public awareness and understanding of forestry: a communication process in transition Complete Honours
Public involvement in decision-making about science and technology Current Higher degree by research
Public opinion on labelling of genetically modified foods Complete Masters coursework
Public perception of coffee safety Complete Masters coursework & research
Public perceptions of animal experimentation in research Complete Undergraduate
Push-button exhibits and informal learning in science museums Complete Masters coursework
Raising science awareness by engaging schools and their communities in science-related projects Complete Masters coursework
Recommendations for the Development of a Communication Plan for the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), The Philippines Complete Masters coursework
Reported attitudes to the use of animals in science: artefacts of surveys? Complete Masters coursework
Representations of scientists in kids' programs on Australian television Current Honours
Reshaping the arena: Engagement as a threshold concept for science education and science communication Complete Masters coursework
Rhetoric in Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth Complete Honours
Scanning the science society horizon Complete Higher degree by research
School outreach for universities Complete Masters coursework
School-Based DRR Program in Disaster Prone Areas Current Higher degree by research
Science and 'Breaking Bad' Complete Masters coursework
Science Communication and the English Language: Perspectives of scientists who are not native speakers of English Complete Undergraduate
Science communication capacity building needs for Pacific NGOs - a response to the new strategic direction for UNESCO Complete Higher degree by research
Science communication in Australian agriculture Complete Masters coursework
Science communication in early colonial Sydney Current
Science communication in the wet tropics Complete Masters coursework
Science communication via the internet: a blog on Australian parrots Complete Undergraduate
Science communication workshops as tools to implement change in communications practice Complete Masters coursework
Science for sailors: science communication for a targeted audience Complete Undergraduate
Science in music videos: using the creative arts to generate environmental awareness Complete Undergraduate
Science plays as science communication: a case study of Caryl Churchill's 'A Number' Complete Honours
Science shows and theatre Complete Higher degree by research
Science shows: evaluating and maximising their effectiveness for science communication Complete Higher degree by research
Science teachers' perceptions of the credibility of websites for use in the science classroom Complete Honours
Science with personality: reality science Complete Masters coursework
Science writing: An examination into science writer writing behaviours, motivations, and source preferences Complete Masters coursework
Science, Superfoods and Society: the intersection of scientific knowledge, public awareness and regulatory policy Current Higher degree by research
Science/industry communication in Australian Commonwealth Fisheries 1998-1999. Vols I & ll. Thesis questions and fieldwork Complete Masters coursework
Scientific Crackpots : A Side Effect of Science Communication? Complete Masters coursework & research
Scientific understanding of Australian consumers: An analysis of their ability to recognise and understand science in the advertising of cosmetics Complete Masters coursework
Scientists and public debates Complete Masters coursework
Scientists’ communication with the general public – an Australian survey Complete Higher degree by research
SCOM2003 projects about science, fiction and the public Complete Undergraduate
Sex on campus: Investigating sexual health promotion in universities Complete Higher degree by research
Shifting from one to the other brings on pneumonia: a Goonya first reader about the notable David Unaipon Complete Masters coursework
Shifting the boundaries between Science and Art. A case study of an exhibition of science and art Complete Masters coursework
Snowball Sampling in the Internet Era: A Case Study of Zuckerberg’s Miscarriage Issue on Facebook Complete Undergraduate
Solving the physics teaching problem using emotions Complete Undergraduate
STEM Skills in Australian High Schools Current Higher degree by research
Stories of Scientists: Can they be used to engage the public? Current Masters coursework
Students’ perceptions on the gender imbalance in physics: a case study from the Australian National University Complete Undergraduate
Superfood: you'll believe that food can fly! Complete Honours
Survey of science communication in developing Pacific Island nations Complete Masters coursework
Teacher resources in kinematics: a project for the Physics Olympiads Complete Masters coursework
Teaching STEM in contemporary Australia Complete Undergraduate
The Anthropocene in the Media Complete Undergraduate
The Australian science festival: balloons and lollipops or a showcase of Australian science? Complete Masters coursework
The availability of university photonics courses in Australia and their ability to meet research and development needs in the field Complete Honours
The bookmark biosphere: sustainability and the communication imperative Complete Masters coursework
The Canowindra Age of Fishes project: birth of a museum Complete Masters coursework
The case for social media as a tool for early intervention in mental ill health Complete Undergraduate
The communication of chemistry: how effective is current practice Complete Higher degree by research
The design of pictorial assembly instructions: researching and communicating knowledge in human-technology interaction design practice Complete Higher degree by research
The discourse concerning internet addiction among researchers and the publics Complete Undergraduate
The effect of formal elements on students' affective learning in an informal setting Complete Masters coursework
The effect of scholarly communication practices on open access: an Australian study of three disciplines Complete Higher degree by research
The fairy tales of science Complete Higher degree by research
The impact of the Shell Questacon Science Circus on teachers’ class room practice Complete Masters coursework
The importance of role models for women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) at ANU Complete Honours
The influence of 'Scrubs' on medical students' clinical practice Complete Graduate entry medicine
The influence of the musical Rent on the HIV/AIDS campaign in the US in the years 1996-2011 Complete Undergraduate
The Language of the Rebuffed: Rhetoric, Expertise and Policy Advisers Current Higher degree by research
The mental illness information survey: exploring the mental illness communication environment in the lay community. Vol. l & 2 Complete Higher degree by research
The public awareness of science in Thailand: a case study on biotechnology Complete Higher degree by research
The Questacon explainers Complete Masters coursework
The real deficit of dialogue: Scientists do not listen to the public Complete Masters coursework
The representation of science and scientists on postage stamps Complete Higher degree by research
The response of staff to the design of the CSIRO's Discovery Building Complete Masters coursework
The role of (un)realistic science in the reception of narrative fiction Complete Higher degree by research
The role of long term aged care facilities: expectations of responsibility Complete Undergraduate
The role of manuals in science communication Complete Masters coursework
The roles of scientific jargon in science-themed fiction Complete Masters coursework
The uptake of science into policy-making: a case study of salt risk mapping and its influence on the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality Complete Masters coursework
The use of interactive multimedia in the communication of science Complete Masters coursework
The use of science jargon in advertisements for anti-wrinkle skin creams Complete Masters coursework
The uses of hype to communicate science and its impact on trust and engagement Current Higher degree by research
Towards a new model of science engagement using climate change case studies Current Higher degree by research
Types of evidence cited in Australian Government publications Complete Masters coursework
Understanding the weather: an interactive multimedia program Complete Masters coursework
User behaviours and social networks on new media about scientific topics Current Higher degree by research
Uses of Jurassic Park in popular science books Complete Undergraduate
Using participatory action research to develop science communication material for a community group Complete Masters coursework
Vaccination: Perceptions, Attitudes and Behaviour Complete Undergraduate
Visual strategies for communicating science Current Higher degree by research
What affects popularity of science communication content on YouTube? Complete Masters coursework
What can Australian universities do to improve the mobility of scientists between academia and industry? Complete Undergraduate
What do people think about GM pasture grasses? Complete Masters coursework
What Makes a Maths Puzzle go Viral? Complete Masters coursework
What would a 'scientifically engaged Australia' look like? Complete Higher degree by research
Wheat farmers' perspectives of information needs in a changing socio-economic context Complete Honours
Why do citizens donate to citizen science projects? Motivations of the SkyNet volunteers Complete Masters coursework
Why do you do what you do? Complete Masters coursework
Why study forestry? Complete Masters coursework
Would plain packaging for alcohol communicate health risk factors to youth? Complete Undergraduate
You need to shut up: Research silencing and what it reveals about academic freedom Complete Higher degree by research
Young Australians’ opinion of pharmacotherapy as a treatment strategy for depression Complete Undergraduate
Zoo design: connecting zoo visitors with conservation messages Current Higher degree by research

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