Special events


  • Eleanor Gates-Stuart (2014, October 11) A visual history of 100 years of wheat research in Australia, presentation at TEDx Canberra, http://conferences.tedxcanberra.org/tedxcanberra2014/speakers/eleanor-gates-stuart/
  • Jacqui Hoepner (2014, September 15) Final question, Q&A special Science: Precious Petals to Passionate Teachers, http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s4069393.htm
  • Merryn McKinnon (2014, May 10) Shells in a nutshell. The Canberra Times: Ask Fuzzy.
  • Will Grant, Luke Menzies & Upulie Divisekara (2014, April 20) Funding CSIRO is vital if we want to future proof our world. Sydney Morning Herald, Comment section. Reprinted in The Canberra Times, the Brisbane Times and The Age.
  • Rod Lamberts (2014, April 2) Interview with ABC Radio 'The World Today about the latest IPCC report, its impact and communication strategies.
  • Rod Lamberts (2014, March 30) Interview with Radio Adelaide about The Conversation piece 'Facts won't beat the climate deniers'.
  • Su Wild-River (2014, March 20) Chair, Environment Careers Lunch, Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU.
  • Rod Lamberts (2014, March 18) 'Want useful public discussion about economics? How three decades of science communication might help.' Invited presentation to Federal Treasury Seminar series.
  • Rod Lamberts & Will J. Grant (2014, March 17) 'Your science in 60 seconds.' Presentation to Science Meets Parliament.
  • Will J. Grant & Rod Lamberts (2014, March 17) 'Getting your science out of the lab.' Presentation to Science Meets Parliament.
  • Rod Lamberts, Merryn McKinnon & Will Grant (2014, March 11) 'Social Media: hero or villain in science communication', ASC Conference Debate, on Radio National 'Big Ideas', www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bigideas/social-media-and-science/5311074
  • Sean Perera (2014, February 22) Interview with Chris Mac from 2CC Radio Canberra: 'Weekend Magazine'.
  • Merryn McKinnon (2014, February 16) Interview and guest presenter in the Science Experimentarium with Lish Fejer on Sunday Brunch, 666 ABC Canberra.


  • Lindy Orthia (2013, November 1) ‘The Doctors, the Daleks and the dangerous to know: Doctor Who’s mad scientists.’ Presentation at Questacon SciNight.
  • Sean Perera (2013, September 24) ‘Why science?’ Presentation to the Calwell High School Futures Forum.
  • Suzette Searle (2013, September 12) 'What is a scientist?' Lunchtime Talk, Australian National Botanic Gardens.
  • Lindy Orthia & Sean Perera (2013, September 9) Science communication session. Presentation to the ANU Indigenous Youth Camp.
  • Merryn McKinnon (2013, September 7) ‘Science in the classroom: the influence of peoples’ beliefs.’ Presentation to the Canberra Skeptics.
  • Sean Perera (2013, August 15) ‘The Opening Doors project.’ Rotary Club of Canberra North Dinner Lecture.
  • Eleanor Gates-Stuart (2013, August 6-September 15) Hot Seeds Exhibition, Discovery Centre, CSIRO.
  • Eleanor Gates-Stuart (2013, August 5-September 1) Stellrscope Exhibition, Science Art Commission, Questacon.
  • Lindy Orthia (2013, May 4) ‘Doctor Who - science win or science fail?’ Presentation to the Canberra Skeptics.
  • Lindy Orthia (2013, May 3) Interviewed by Jolene Laverty about Doctor Who and science. Segment on Drive, 666 ABC Canberra.
  • Will J. Grant, (2013, April 17) ‘Is there a better way to fund climate change innovation?’ TEDxCanberra.
  • Sean Perera (2013, March 27) ‘Engaging migrants with Australian science.’ Inspiring Australia National Harmony Day Talk.


  • Will J. Grant (2012, October 11) ‘World’s Fastest Citizen Science’. ScienceRewired.
  • Lindy Orthia (2012, October 7) Interviewed by Ginger Gorman about Doctor Who and science. Segment on The Emporium, 666 ABC Canberra. Edited version replayed on The Science Show, ABC Radio National, 27 April 2013.
  • Sean Perera (2012, October 2) Interview for Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio Queensland.
  • Sean Perera (2012, September 27) ‘How can science help your English language skills?’ Graduation address to Dickson College Secondary Introductory English Course.
  • Lindy Orthia (2012, June 20) ‘Bad movie science’ a snooty pleasure. Science By Fiction: Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Science in Film. http://sciencebyfiction.net/archives/uncategorized/bad-movie-science-a-snooty-pleasure/
  • Lindy Orthia, Chris McKay & Brad Moggridge (2012, April 11) Science communication session. Presentation to the ANU Indigenous Youth Science Camp.
  • Will J. Grant (2012, February 24) ‘Using new tools to communicate research’ Panellist in The Guardian Higher Education Network Chat.


  • Will J. Grant (2011, November 7) ‘Only the lonely buck the climate consensus’. The Drum.
  • Rod Lamberts (2011, September 27-28) Presentation at Seoul Forum 2011 - Science & Technology is Future: Creativity, Convergence, Communication, Seoul, Korea.
  • Will J. Grant (2011, April 27) ‘It's meant to be ‘social’: Conversation in social media science communication. Presentation to Media140.

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