Past events

6–7pm 4 August 2011
This event marks the opening of an art exhibition by science communication PhD student Eleanor Gates-Stuart. The exhibition, entitled 'Cracking The Finger Codes', explores...
5–6.30pm 21 July 2011
Pi is one of the most fascinating numbers in mathematics.  It has an ancient history dating back some 4000 years.  It has many remarkable properties that have spawned...
12–1.30pm 8 July 2011
Peter Schumacher: Researching Information Design: Pictorial Assembly Instructions.
5–6.30pm 7 July 2011
Award-winning playwright and Doctoral Student Timothy Daly examines the major trends in the theatrical depiction of science, scientific issues and scientists. Some surprising...
5–6.30pm 30 June 2011
Presenting provisional analysis from several different shows, Graham will explore two different outcomes from science shows: motivation and satisfaction. Intruigingly, different...
5–6.30pm 23 June 2011
Elite universities in the UK are working in different ways to break down social and economic barriers and reach out to young people, encouraging them to aspire to top institutions...
5–6.30pm 16 June 2011
Greg will talk about writing and illustrating two books, one on the Big Bang and the other on Gaia, both aimed at the reader with little scientific literacy. They are both art/...
5–6.30pm 9 June 2011
Chris Yardley will present a seminar "on being first" based on his PhD research topic - The public perception of science is reflected on postage stamps.
2–7pm 2 June 2011
SCOM2001 students have organised a half day conference about Science Communication. Everyone is welcome to attend.
5–6.30pm 26 May 2011
Increasing knowledge transfer between science and publics at regional and local levels of awareness and decision-making is an objective shared by Commonwealth, state and territory...
5–6.30pm 26 May 2011
Rod Lamberts and Will Grant will present a seminar about academics in the public arena: the role of the public intellectual in c21.
5–6.30pm 26 May 2011
This Thursday in the CPAS seminar we are very pleased to present current Masters students Tomoko Nakayama, Nada Alatawi, Nourah Aledil and Chris McKay talking on ...
5–6.30pm 19 May 2011
Timothy Daly talking about 20th century trends in the dramatisation of science.
5–6.30pm 12 May 2011
What's 'inside' an emotion, how do qualities of a show like the presenter's enthusiasm contribute to the emotional experience, and what is the interelation of...
5–6.30pm 5 May 2011
My PhD topic is centred on food; in particular the communication that happens around food. It asks the question, how can we communicate food issues better? Better than what? you...
6–7.30pm 31 March 2011
In early 2010 the Inspiring Australia report was launched by the Australian government as a blueprint for communicating science in Australia – what it means, why it's...
5–6.30pm 24 March 2011
Rod Taylor from Fuzzy Logic will present tonight.


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