Past events

5–6.30pm 16 May 2013
What do the uptake of hybrid rice, twitter activity, foxes and rabbits, and patterns of smoking have in common with each other? The answer is that the maths that describes...
5–6.30pm 9 May 2013
This evening the Science Communication Society along with the Australian Science Communicators bring you our first networking night. Guest speakers include: Cris Kennedy-...
5–6.30pm 2 May 2013
This evening Luke will deliver his second seminar on his PhD topic, 'Developing a pedagogy for the use of digital technologies in science teaching and learning', and will...
5–6.30pm 18 April 2013
Tonight's speakers are three undergraduate students enrolled in SCOM2003 Science in Popular Fiction in 2012, who will talk about the research project they designed and worked...
5–6.30pm 28 March 2013
Michael Couchman will present his research findings from his honours research which uses Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth" (2009) as a case study.
5–6.30pm 14 March 2013
Mitsuru Kudo will present his final seminar on his PhD research project.
5–6.30pm 7 March 2013
Matt Wood will discuss his planned PhD research and progress one year in. His seminar will address the point: Experts and novices differ in their interpretation of graphics...
5–6.30pm 28 February 2013
Mofa Shah will present his second seminar on his PhD research
5–6.30pm 21 February 2013
Come along for a feed and a drink to meet and greet CPAS students and staff. 
4.30–7.30pm 20 November 2012
In the spirit of continuing the science communication partnership with the Inspiring Australia funded Opening Doors project, the Goulburn Multicultural Centre will be hosting a...
4–5.30pm 15 November 2012
In tonight's seminar PhD student Renée Watson will discuss her PhD research on the topic, "Informed consent in medical research: can communication change how a diverse...
5–6.30pm 1 November 2012
Invented more than 100 years ago, the automatically triggered camera has only recently been embraced by ecologists to study wildlife. Now, millions of images stream in for...
5–6.30pm 25 October 2012
Tonight Cristal will present her progress so far on her PhD topic, 'An analysis of the regulatory framework governing reproductive genetic testing in Australia'.
5–6.30pm 18 October 2012
Dr Sean Perera will talk about his current research project on the topic of disadvantaged multi-cultural audiences and their participation in Australian science.
5–6.30pm 11 October 2012
Tonight Chris will present his final seminar on his PhD research about the science on stamps.
5–6.30pm 4 October 2012
In this seminar Kim and Luke will introduce their respective PhD projects and outline their proposed research plan.
5–6.30pm 27 September 2012
Tonight Rebecca Randall will present the preliminary results of her Honours project on the role social media can play in raising awareness about mental illness.
5–6.30pm 30 August 2012
In tonight's seminar, CPAS PhD student Penny Wilson will discuss her research project (conducted with Dr Sean Perera) on young Australians' perceptions about eating.
5–6.30pm 23 August 2012
Tonight Professor John Rayner will share his insights from his research into why the iconic Australian magazine The Women's Weekly supported the wonders of atomic...
5–6.30pm 16 August 2012
Tonight Maria will present her final seminar on her PhD research.


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