Past events

5–6.30pm 25 October 2012
Tonight Cristal will present her progress so far on her PhD topic, 'An analysis of the regulatory framework governing reproductive genetic testing in Australia'.
5–6.30pm 18 October 2012
Dr Sean Perera will talk about his current research project on the topic of disadvantaged multi-cultural audiences and their participation in Australian science.
5–6.30pm 11 October 2012
Tonight Chris will present his final seminar on his PhD research about the science on stamps.
5–6.30pm 4 October 2012
In this seminar Kim and Luke will introduce their respective PhD projects and outline their proposed research plan.
5–6.30pm 27 September 2012
Tonight Rebecca Randall will present the preliminary results of her Honours project on the role social media can play in raising awareness about mental illness.
5–6.30pm 30 August 2012
In tonight's seminar, CPAS PhD student Penny Wilson will discuss her research project (conducted with Dr Sean Perera) on young Australians' perceptions about eating.
5–6.30pm 23 August 2012
Tonight Professor John Rayner will share his insights from his research into why the iconic Australian magazine The Women's Weekly supported the wonders of atomic...
5–6.30pm 16 August 2012
Tonight Maria will present her final seminar on her PhD research.
5–6.30pm 9 August 2012
Tonight Tegan Donald will present her progress on her PhD research. Her topic tests science communication theory by comparing audience responses to different ways of delivering...
5–6.30pm 2 August 2012
Tonight Graham Walker will present his final seminar on his PhD topic. His research examines 'the science of science shows' - whether, how and why science shows will...
5–6.30pm 26 July 2012
Tonight's guest presenters are Sam Cheah and Lauren Hassall from the Canberra chapter of Robogals, whose aim is to "substantially increase the number of young women...
5–6.30pm 19 July 2012
PhD students Catherine and Barry will each present their first seminar on their PhD research projects this evening.
5–6.30pm 5 July 2012
Tonight's seminar will be presented by mid-term PhD student Cobi Smith. Cobi is increasingly interested in how we evaluate and share learning from public engagement with...
5–6.30pm 21 June 2012
A midwinter night of whiz-bangery and cleverness in prop-based science communication, presented by the many talented prop-based communicators from CPAS. CPAS students, staff...
1–6pm 31 May 2012
SCOM2001 (“Practical Skills for Communicating Science”) students will host the conference Food for Thought on the role of science in food today. Guest...
5–6.30pm 24 May 2012
Guy Micklethwait will present his final seminar on his PhD research, which compared the models of time hypothesised by physicists to models represented in time travel movies, and...
5–6.30pm 17 May 2012
Dr Randy Olsen, biologist turned filmmaker and author of the book 'Don't Be Such A Scientist', will talk about his work.
5–6.30pm 10 May 2012
Presented by internationally-produced playwright and PhD student Timothy Daly, this seminar addresses the various problems and solutions involved in dramatising scientific issues...
5–6.30pm 3 May 2012
CPAS folk who attended the 2012 Public Communication of Science and Technology conference in Florence will report back on what happened, what they learned, and why we should (or...
5–7pm 26 April 2012
Tonight five students will discuss the research projects they have undertaken as part of the undergraduate course SCOM3003 Special Topics in Science Communication in semester 1...


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