Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart
CPAS Collaborator
Professor (National Cheng Kung University)


Career awards

  • Canberra Critics' Circle Award, 2013
  • Centenary Science Art Commission, 2012
  • Taiwan Research Visiting Scholar Grant, 2008


BA (Hons) Fine Art, MA (London), PGradCertEd (Higher Education), PhD (Science Communication)


Following her research at CPAS, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart is taking up her Professorial appointment at the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. 

Communicating Science: Exploring Science though Art is the focus of her research practice, jointly researching with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), as an artist (visiting scientist) in Digital Productivity and Services (DP&S) and the Mineral Resources National Research Flagship.

Eleanor's research in Science and Art is diverse and collaborative. Specialising in visual media communicating her artistic practice in new and innovative ways, questioning and engaging audience in art, science and technology, working with major research organisations, museums, business and local government. 

Her Science Art collaborations have achieved interesting and dynamic results for both the scientist and the artist, such as, projects 3D Titanium Insects and StellrScope.

Her multimedia installation project, StellrScope, was awarded to Eleanor by the Centenary of Canberra, a major Science Art Commission supported by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government and the Australian Government. CSIRO was the host for this research, engaging Eleanor as the Science Art Fellow with the Food Futures Flagship and the Computational Informatics (CIS) Research Division. She was awarded the Canberra Critic’s Circle Award.

Eleanor’s interests crossover arts, science, design, technology, 3D printing and communication. Having received numerous awards, grants, and commissions in her career, Eleanor's international artistic profile and research includes roles such as associate professor, curator, exhibitor, director of media and science arts events. She is a regular contributor to numerous professional associations, enjoys working on collaborations, publishing and presenting papers at conferences in the UK, USA, Taiwan and Australia

Eleanor was one of the invited Keynote Speakers at The Wonder of Fantasy Exhibition Conference at The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art.

Eleanor was an honorary Research Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) 2011-14 having successfully completed her International Residency. 

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Professional memberships:

National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) - Professional Member Association

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE 

Australian Science Communicators

Print Council of Australia


Research interests

Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art

Case Studies include: FingerCodes, 3D Titanium Insects and StellrScope

Working in the fields of art and science together, the works in these studies used the art to express the science across sectors of the public, research organisations and scientists themselves. Each case study addresses a research question about the communication of science and in turn discusses the creation of the art to achieve this communication.  All three case studies are linked, in that each sought to communicate with different publics in different ways to convey the science behind the artworks.  
Finger Codes: Using fingerprints to elicit personal expressions of self-identity

This research is investigating human identity as portrayed through the collection of personal artifacts embedded with human fingerprints,  a means of visual classification as artwork.

For the established scientific discipline of criminology and forensics there are strong visual representations of the fingerprint. These images are familiar communication devices for most of the public, and for many people these fingerprint images have a scientific association learned in early childhood at school or through the media. Similarly, the benefits of this science are often associated with strong visual stories such as crime and criminal investigation in comparison to an artwork that situates personal information and fingerprint together, implicitly embedding facts and fiction to create a story of its own. The intersection of science and art is an integral component to the artwork and as a visual model for defining personality traits and 'identity' pictures.

Image: Reconstructed Finger, by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Using the fingerprint as a foundation for expressions of identity, this idea is carried further with an audience of young children, to discover whether the scientific notion of a fingerprint can assist in their own expressions of identity through art. 

FingerCodes 'FC03' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart
FingerCodes 'FC03' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart
Titanium Insects

This research describes an interdisciplinary collaboration between a scientist and an artist to inform both the science and the art.  In this case, the art work intersects with entomological research. The case study examines the creative relationship between artist and scientist and its impact collaboratively as well as independently; how that collaboration was fruitful in facilitating an interdisciplinary approach; and the associated outcomes and benefits of such a collaboration.

Longhorn Beetle (3D Titanium Printed Insect) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Longhorn Beetle (3D Titanium Printed Insect) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


This third case study, StellrScope, extends the scope and depth of science art intersection through an extensive study of wheat science innovation over one hundred years, which resulted in a public artwork in a national science museum. The question addressed in this research was whether an artist in a scientific organisation can act as a catalyst for the production of art science outreach. The research details how this collaboration successfully provided an opportunity to communicate the scientific story and the research to the public. It makes recommendations for future practice and concludes with a new template which can serve as a model for similar collaborations.

StellrLume Domes (StellrScope Project) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

StellrLume Domes (StellrScope Project) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart 



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Gates-Stuart, E and Wohlfeiler, R. ‘Finger Codes’ (Article) Imprint -Vol.46 Number 2 2011. Print Council of Australia Publication


Artworks are held in many public and private collections, UK, Australia, Germany, USA and Taiwan

Recent acquisitions:

  • Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, (2015)
  • CSIRO Discovery Centre, (2014)
  • ACT Government Legislative Assembly Collection, (2014)
  • University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), (2014)
  • Private Collections

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